New works of Chihiro Kabata
Unknown Planet Kozuchi_2017_900×900_inkjet paper, ball pointed pen, acrylic mounted

  • New works of Chihiro Kabata

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New works of Chihiro Kabata


We are pleased to introduce Chihiro Kabata's New works.
Chihiro Kabata is know as an artist who using ball pointed pen and draw an abstract form on inkjet paper. The line of ball pointed pen is strong and elegant, it comes to world wide prominence with the unique texture of drawing, and She had some exhibitions among some countries such as Switzerland, China and Singapore.
She has visualized the time of stone passed by many traced shadows by ball pointed pen at her last solo exhibition. She has developed it is not only own theory of creation but also an extraordinarily of skills for creation of huge drawing with ball pointed pen.
Her method of expressions are drawing, but not only by ball pointed pen but also oil painting by fingers and hands and pouring acrylic resin on mirrors. She keeps exploring possibility of creation of space with expanding the methods and with her own vocabulary.

The artist tried to express her common idea :touching to something we can not know by own hand. At one point, she draw something with closed eyes, that means she only use perception of touching, at other point, she spreads paints on white canvas by her hands and fingers, without using brush to feel it by her own body. However, she could not reach to something she believed in over the line of experienced result such as lines of tracks by action or filled canvas with paints.

In this time, Kabata has expressed it as blank that the world she want to reach but can not see and it's beyond the wall and isolated. The title Unknown Planet is created by her feeling to the world. The title of each works has a name of Planet that has only existed in SF literature or the myth. She draws only outline and didn't draw inside intentionally.
The shapes and moves of lines are strong as usual and there are some circular blanks in it. Those blanks alternatively gives depth and thickness to this drawing and it made this work has tense atmosphere and it is different from previous works.
The artist hope the blank of drawing can be different planets by depends on viewers.

These works keep dealing in gallery after exhibition.
If you have any inquiries to this art work please contact us

Unknown Planet, Orpheus

Unknown Planet, Nibiru

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