Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Mountain” in Tokyo

Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Mountain” in Tokyo


Teppei Kaneuji is participating the performance, “Eraser Mountain” as a scenographer this time.

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Theater freed from the "human yardstick," updating our vision of the world
space, and language appear in unknown forms...

Through theater, an activity for people, is it possible to bring forth a world in which human beings, things, and the environment surrounding them all exist in a flat relationship?

The city of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture incurred immense devastation in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Earthwork construction aimed at raising the level of the ground to prevent damage from tsunami artificially altered the landscape with an amazing rapidity. Toshiki Okada's idea for creating a work that questioned the ""human yardstick"" sprang from a firsthand look at this sight. Eraser Mountain, the resulting play, was prepared in collaboration with the artist Teppei Kaneuji, who continues to expand the domain of sculpture. In space cluttered with countless items, actors build a new relationship with objects, and audiences come to see the world with a new vision.

About one year has passed since the first performance of Eraser Mountain, which debuted in Kyoto in October 2019. The project, which began with theaters, has since been expanded to include various other types of space. Eraser Forest put actors into museums, which are normally space for art objects, and performance with things took another step forward. These achievements were brought into the living space of the actors in Eraser Field, which altered ways of seeing everyday scenes. Eraser Mountain has returned to the theater, and all are waiting to see what sort of landscape it will present. This is the latest edition in the Eraser series.

■“Eraser Mountain is watching” (Live Streaming)

2/13(Sat) 17:00
2/14(Sun) 14:00Archive period:23:59 the next day of each streaming day

Surtitle with English / Surtitle withJapanese / No surtitle
¥1,800 (All denomination)


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2/11(Tue) 17:00
2/12(Fri) 12:00/17:00
2/13(Sat) 12:00★/17:00☆
2/14(Sun) 14:00☆
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