Teppei Kaneuji @ ART MUSEUM & LIBRARY, OTA in Gunma, Japan

Teppei Kaneuji @ ART MUSEUM & LIBRARY, OTA in Gunma, Japan


Teppei Kaneuji is participating in The group exhibition "Nam Ham Da Ham"at ART MUSEUM & LIBRARY, OTA in Gunma Prefecture from Feb. 18th.

period: Feb 18 (Sat) 2023-May 7 (Sun) 2023
venue: Art Museum & Library, Ota(16-30 Higashihoncho Ota, Gunma, Japan 373-0026)

"Namu Ham Da Ham" is a project by writer/director/actor Hideto Iwai, actor/dancer Mirai Moriyama, and singer/songwriter Kenta Maeno. This project began in 2017 with the concept of "children's ideas that adults (professional artists) turn into works of art," and has been practiced in a variety of different settings. They conduct workshops with children, look at and interpret the ideas (stories) generated there, and output them as stage work, videos, etc., accompanied by physical and musical expressions.

For this exhibition, artist and sculptor Teppei Kaneuji will join the artists to develop their creations as an exhibition for the first time. People, words, and images will be intertwined through the practice of “Nam Ham Da Ham."

(Photo: Installation view of "Namu Ham Da Ham" , Teppei Kaneuji, 2023)

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