Tadashi Kawamata's solo exhibition in Korea

Tadashi Kawamata's solo exhibition in Korea


Tadashi Kawamata 's "Tree Hut and Destruction" is held on WOOSON GALLERY in Korea from June 27th.(For further information about Tadashi Kawamata, please click, HERE)

■Tadashi Kawamata:Tree Hut and Destruction
Date:27 June – 10 August 2024
Venue:WOOSON GALLERY(72 Bongsanmunhwa-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea)

Image: Tree hut plan fo montpellier no 2, 2022

Actively working on the international stage, particularly in Europe, Tadashi Kawamata uses wooden architectural structures in his installations to convey social messages. 《Tree Hut and Destruction》features works inspired by the imagery of ruins and showcases huts that explore the possibilities of shelter. The exhibition will present four series of works: Tree Hut, (including a 9-meter-long work) Destruction, Building Plan, and Landscape.